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I love math. When I was in school, math was my favorite because there was always one right answer. To me, math was black-and-white and therefore made complete sense. My choice to dedicate my life to the practice of medicine was, in part, because it is a science, and I was attracted to the idea of singular solutions. Now with more than 20 years of practicing internal medicine, I have come to appreciate that there is more gray in the practice of medicine We speak of “practicing” medicine because it requires continual learning, critical interpretation of research and discernment of expert opinions.

As I care for people over the course of their adult lives, I have come to realize how we tragically under-emphasize nutritional health, hormone health, and gut health. Yet these contribute significantly and directly to your quality of life. Despite all the attention these areas receive on television, such as morning news shows, articles shared over social media and gleaned from exercise instructors and studios, these categories of health remain confusing to most people. Patients intuitively know to see their doctors when their “gut is off” or “hormones are unbalanced.” While we physicians are passionate about caring for you, many don’t always know how to treat these complex and longstanding issues.

More than ever, I am convinced that nutrition, hormones, and gut health need attention. I am dedicating this blog to exploring the available research with a practical approach. It’s an exciting time to be in the field of “anti-aging” or “healthy aging.” Medical knowledge is growing exponentially! Each one of us needs a medical professional who can sift through all the information and provide practical, evidence-based advice.

While I will be committed to being on the leading edge of this field, the reality is that there is an ever growing body of research on healthy aging. As we move forward together, I will give you my very best with the information available to me. If I change my recommendations, then please be assured it is due to both new scientific evidence and my desire to keep your health at the forefront of all that I do.

Thank you for sharing your life and journey with me. It is a privilege, and I look forward to a strong and healthy relationship.

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