Are You Grinding So Hard, You Miss Out On What You Want Most From Life? 
What if You Stopped Hesitating? What if You LEAPT at New Opportunities?
It’s time to learn the tools required to change your mindset and stop missing out on what you want. It’s time to…
It’s time to learn the tools required to change your mindset and stop missing out on what you want. It’s time to…
Do you feel stuck on autopilot?
With no motivation or time to make a change?
  • You do tasks mechanically.
  • You disengage during meetings, errands, and social gatherings.
  • You’re stuck on the hamster wheel of your daily to-dos.
  • ​You struggle to catch a breather, unable to come up for air.
  • ​It feels impossible to make changes, to embrace new opportunities.
  • ​Frantic, relentless thoughts accompany you everywhere you go. 
  • ​You reach milestones, but feel empty inside.
Sound familiar?

But somewhere amidst the minutia, an opportunity presented itself.
Maybe it showed up in a chat with your boss, a run-in with a friend at the grocery store, or on a giant billboard sign.

And you missed out. Fear held you back. You hesitated. You overthought it so much; you did NOTHING.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When opportunity knocks, you must learn how to answer before it slips away.
So when that new future client, investor, life partner, or job opportunity pops up on a whim? You reach out and grab it.
Seize the Second™
What would happen if you ALLOWED yourself to embrace opportunities?
Imagine a world where every day:
  • You wake up feeling refreshed
  • You know exactly what you want out of life
  • You get out of your own way
  • You attract opportunities 
  • You Seize the Second the moment they arrive
You’d feel more confident, self-assured, and fulfilled. That restlessness you feel now? Gone.

But it all starts with you. It begins with the thoughts swirling in your mind. Bottom line?
You must shift your mindset. And that starts with stillness…
  • Quieting the mental chatter
  • Slowing down your thoughts
  • Silencing outside influences
Life begins to feel easier. You feel happier. Opportunities were invisible before. Now, you see them everywhere.
When you become still, your inner voice roars, telling you to go for it. To stop letting fear hold you back. To act fast. Without hesitation. To confidently grab hold of your dreams until they are REALITY.

“To get something different, you must DO something different.” —Stephen Richards

But how can you learn to 
Seize the Second™
I’m so glad you asked.
  • To find success in every aspect of your life. 
  • To hear when opportunity knocks.
  • To design the life you want.
  • To SEIZE THE SECOND™ every single day.
  • To be in-tune with yourself and ATTRACT opportunities.
  • ​To jump at what fuels your fire. 

You can have it all. But you must seize THIS opportunity. You must choose yourself, starting right now.

I know how you feel. Trust me; I was once oblivious to opportunities. I needed a radical change in my life. I was desperate.

Meet Ken Kladouris

Years ago, I was going through the motions, never feeling fulfilled. I had a great job, had built financial stability and wealth, advised some of the most affluent people in the world on how to manage their wealth, and overall, my life looked pretty spectacular.

But something was missing.

I questioned my career path and my purpose. I was one of those people who seemingly had it all yet would give it all up in a heartbeat just to feel a fire in my soul, to feel truly alive, awakened.

My soul spoke up.

That’s when I discovered meditation. I attended stillness retreats. I muted the volume of my mental chatter, and guess what happened? I found my true calling, my purpose: to help others achieve the stillness that had drastically improved my life.

In journeying inward, I found stillness, and my entire life changed. I savored flavors with every bite. I slowed down to appreciate the shade of a rose, the lap of the ocean. I felt truly at peace. And with that peace?

I seized opportunities when they arose. I leaped at the things I wanted most. And you can, too.

So many of us don’t see the opportunities around us because we’re not still enough to notice them. We’re unaware of what’s going on. In building awareness of your surroundings and goals, stillness allows you to see new opportunities and move closer to your dreams. If you learn how to SEIZE THE SECOND™, you’ll be unstoppable.

It’s time to level up your life. Get ready for radical transformation. Never miss another opportunity!

Are you ready to SEIZE THE SECOND™ on every opportunity, every chance, goal, dream, and bucket list item?

Change starts today. So I have one more question for you: Will you Seize the Second™?

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