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Bringing Scientific Expertise To The Art of Living Well

Seize The Second aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest and happiest lives they can. In order to reach this goal,

we offer a variety of services. We provide a series of e-courses, comprehensive wellness retreats and

personalized plans addressing physical and emotional well-being.



How do you know you are getting good advice?  Let us do the work for you!  Doctor Leslie Meserve brings almost 20 years of her experience as a medical doctor, and Kelly Kannwischer brings her extensive experience working as an executive coach, life coach and spiritual director straight to you.


A step toward wellness sometimes requires a step back from our day-to-day lives.  Join us for a comprehensive retreat at a luxurious destination designed to help you both rest and recharge.  Doctor Leslie Meserve and Life Coach Kelly Kannwischer will provide a series of sessions focusing on helping you design your life to achieve a healthy energy level and reach your individual goals.



You are unique!  What are you struggling with and how can we help?  Contact us about individual coaching sessions designed to provide a customized plan toward feeling great and

becoming the best version of you.

"Dreams don't work until you do."

John Maxwell

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